Elemro LCLV 14kWh Solar Energy Storage System

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With an advanced thermal management system, Elemro LCLV liquid cooled lithium iron phosphate battery can be used safely in extremely cold winter and extremely hot summer. The cell lifetime is more than 10,000 cycles which can be used for as long as 10 years. The built-in hot aerosol fire extinguishing device is a new high-efficient environmentally friendly fire-fighting product, which can quickly extinguish open flames and effectively prevent re-ignition. The BMS (battery management system) supports continuous high current charging and discharging. Same as all Elemro lifepo4 batteries, they are endurable, safe and environmentally friendly. They are easy to be installed and are compatible with 20+ mainstream brand inverters, such as, GROWATT, Sacolar, Victron energy, Voltronic Power, Deye, SOFAR, GOODWE, SMA, LUXPOWER, SRNE.

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Lifepo4 Battery Pack Structure

Lifepo4 Battery Pack Structure


Battery Pack Parameters

Battery Cell Material: Lithium (LiFePO4)
Rated Voltage: 51.2V
Operating Voltage: 46.4-57.9V
Rated Capacity: 280Ah
Rated Energy Capacity: 14.336kWh
Max. Continuous Current: 200A
Cycle Life (80% DoD @25℃): >8000
Operating Temperature: -20 to 55℃/-4 to131℉
Weight: 150kgs
Dimensions(L*W*H): 950*480*279mm
Certification: UN38.3/CE/IEC62619(Cell&Pack)/MSDS/ROHS
Installation: ground mounted

Application: residential energy storage

Nowadays, every aspect of life is inseparable from electricity. Energy storage batteries are used to convert electrical energy into chemical energy and store it, converting it back into electrical energy when needed. With the popularity of solar panels, more and more homes have installed solar panels. However, solar panels only generate electricity during the sunny days, do not generate electricity at nights and on rainy days. Home energy storage batteries are the right device to solve this issue. Home energy storage batteries can store the electricity generated by solar panels during the day, and release electricity at nights and on rainy days for home use. In this way, the clean energy is fully used while the household electricity bill is saved.

Residential energy storage

Residential energy storage

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