Elemro SHELL 14.3kWh Solar Backup Battery

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Elemro SHELL lithium iron phosphate battery is safe, reliable and endurable. It is compatible with inverters of multiple brands. Lithium iron phosphate battery is one of the most important parts of energy storage battery system.

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Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

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Energy storage battery system is a battery component used to store electrical energy, mainly composed of the following parts:
Battery pack: includes several battery cells that can store and release electrical energy, including lead-acid batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, lithium-ion batteries, etc. Elemro provides lithium iron phosphate batteries (lithium-ion batteries).
Control system: used to control the charge and discharge process of the battery pack, including charge and discharge controller, data acquisition module and communication module.
Temperature control system: used to control the temperature of the battery pack to prevent overheat or undercooling from damaging the battery pack, including temperature sensors and cooling systems, etc.
Protection equipment: used to control the battery pack overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent and short circuit and other abnormal situations’ protection measures, including fuses, protective relays, etc.
Monitoring system:used to monitor the status and performance of the battery pack in real time, including power, voltage, temperature and other indicators, can diagnose the battery pack and send out alarms.

Battery Pack Parameters

Battery Cell Material: Lithium (LiFePO4)
Rated Voltage: 51.2V
Operating Voltage: 46.4-57.9V
Rated Capacity: 280Ah
Rated Energy Capacity: 14.3kWh
Continuous Charging Current: 100A
Continuous Discharging Current: 100A
Depth of Discharge: 80%
Cycle Life (80% DoD @25℃): ≥6000
Communication Port: RS232/RS485/CAN
Communication Mode: WIFI/BLUETOOTH
Operating Altitude: <3000m
Operating Temperature: 0-55℃/0 to131℉
Storage Temperature: -40 to 60℃ / -40 to 140℉
Humidity Conditions: 5% to 95%RH
IP Protection: IP65
Weight: 120kgs
Dimensions(L*W*H): 750*412*235mm
Warranty: 5/10 years
Certification: UN38.3/CE-EMC/IEC62619/MSDS/ROHS
Installation: ground mounted
Application: energy storage for home

Elemro-SHELL Lithium iron phosphate battery

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