Residential and Commercial Application Scenario of Energy Storage Lithium Ion Battery

Energy storage system is to store the temporarily unused or excess electric energy through lithium ion battery, and then extract and use it at the peak of use, or transport it to the place where energy is scarce. Energy storage system covers residential energy storage, communication energy storage, power grid frequency modulation energy storage, wind and solar micro grid energy storage, large-scale industrial and commercial distributed energy storage, data center energy storage and photovoltaic power generation business in the field of new energy.

Residential Application of Lithium Ion Battery Energy Storage

Residential energy storage systems include grid-connected residential energy storage system and off-grid residential energy storage system. Residential energy storage lithium ion batteries provide safe, reliable and sustainable energy, and ultimately an improved living quality. Residential energy storage batteries can be installed in the photovoltaic grid-connected or off-grid application scenario as well as in the home without photovoltaic system. Residential energy storage batteries has a service life of 10 years. The modular design and flexible connection greatly improve energy storage and utilization.

WHLV 5kWh Low Voltage Lifepo4 Battery Energy Storage Solution



Grid-connected residential energy storage system consists of solar PV, grid-connected inverter, BMS, lithium ion battery pack, AC load. The system adopts hybrid power supply of photovoltaic and energy storage system. When the mains is normal, the photovoltaic grid-connected system and the mains supply power to the load; when the mains power is off, the energy storage system and the photovoltaic grid-connected system are combined to supply power.

Off-grid residential energy storage system is independent, without electrical connection to the grid, so the whole system does not need a grid-connected inverter, while the off-grid inverter can meet the requirements. Off-grid residential energy storage system has three working modes: photovoltaic system supply power to energy storage system and consumer electricity during sunny days; photovoltaic system and energy storage system supply power to consumer electricity during cloudy days; energy storage system supply power to consumer electricity during nights and rainy days.

Commercial Application of Lithium Ion Battery Energy Storage

Energy storage technology is closely related to new energy applications and the development of power grid, which can effectively improve solar and wind energy utilization efficiency.


The small power distribution system composed of distributed power supply, energy storage device, energy conversion device, load, monitoring and protection device, is one of the main applications of energy storage lithium ion battery. Distributed power generation has the advantages of high energy efficiency, low pollution, high reliability and flexible installation.

New Energy Vehicle Charging Station

Charging station uses clean energy power supply. Through the storage of electricity after photovoltaic power generation, photovoltaic, energy storage and charging facilities form a micro-grid, which can realize grid-connected and off-grid operating modes. The use of energy storage system can also alleviate the impact of charging pile high current charging on regional power grid. The development of new energy vehicles cannot be stimulated without the construction of charging infrastructure. The installation of related energy storage facilities is conducive to improving the quality of local power grid power, and increasing the selectivity of charging station sites.

Wind Power Generation System

Considering the reality of power grid operation and the long-term benefits of large-scale wind power development, improving the controllability of wind power plant output power is an important development direction of wind power generation technology at the present. The introduction of wind power generation technology into the lithium ion battery energy storage system can effectively suppress wind power fluctuations, smooth output voltage, improve power quality, ensure the grid connected operation of wind power generation and promote the utilization of wind energy.

Wind Power Energy Storage System


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